Rocker Switch

If a rocker switch is purchased with the door, this switch comes with an up & down operation.  When your finger is removed from the switch the door will stop automatically.   With this type of control, it does not come with transmitters & can only be used if you have other access into the garage. 

Key Switch

If a key switch is purchased with the door, this is an external option to open the door.  The switch comes as standard with 3 keys, the key allows the door to open & close.  If the key is moved to the stop direction this will stop the door.   The external switch will need to be purchased if you have no other access into the garage



The keypad is only compatible with a door that has a safety edge fitted. There is no need to worry if you don’t have your transmitters to hand to open your door, the keypad can be used alongside or as an alternative and be personalised to your own code to allow you to open and close the door.

Somfy Wall Switch

The wall switch is only compatible with a door that has a safety edge fitted and must be installed within full view of the door. This can be used as an alternative or alongside the transmitters. The battery powered Somfy Smoove Origin Wall Switch is compatible with all products using the Somfy RTS protocol and allows you to wirelessly control your connected Somfy products with the touch of a button. The battery powered control is easy to install anywhere in your home, with no disruption to your décor. And thanks to the neutral colour finish, this contemporary handset will blend seamlessly into your interiors.

NRG Wall Switch

Battery operated wall switch, works with the NRG control panel.  Easy to program & install within your home as no fixings are needed.  The switch will allow you to open & close your door from the comfort of your own home.  The wall switch does need to be placed within full view of your door so the door can be monitored when in operation for an obstruction. 

Wired Safety Edge

As per the below picture, the safety edge is wired with a curly cable from the bottom of the door and wires into the control panel it has a built in courtesy light, up, down, stop buttons on the control panel and comes with two transmitters as standard.

Wireless Safety Edge

As per the below picture, the safety edge is fitted with a wireless safety edge to the bottom of the door. The control panel has a built in courtesy light, up, down, stop buttons on the control panel and comes with two transmitters as standard. Compatible with Connexxoon, Tahoma and Somfy camera’s.

External Manual Release (EMR)

An external manual release is required if you have no other entrance into your garage.   The does come as standard with an internal crank handle, but in the event of power failure you would not be able to use this.  An external manual release is a fixed feature with a lock, you would need to keep in a safe location the keys & the handle.  In the event of a power failure, you would remove the key & use the handle to wind the door to the open position.

Somfy Outdoor Camera – Compatibility: Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT

Maximum deterrence thanks to the built-in siren

Somfy Outdoor Camera is a high deterrent outdoor camera. When presence is detected you’ll be immediately alerted through your phone and a video of the event will be sent to you. You can then trigger the 110 dB siren through the Somfy Protect app and, if you’ve connected a light to your camera, this will automatically switch on to reinforce the deterrence.

Somfy Indoor Security Camera – Apple HomeKit, Google assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT.

With the Somfy Indoor Camera nothing will escape you again, because this Full HD plug and play indoor security camera records everything and sends you a push message if there is something suspicious going on. The great thing is that you can install the camera in under 10 minutes and you can set it to communicate with your smartphone via the app – it looks great too!

All images the camera records are stored in the cloud or on your own Dropbox. As soon as the camera detects a movement, it will immediately starts recording and you’ll receive a push message on your smartphone. You can watch live, check the recorded images and download those images for free.

The Somfy Indoor camera is future proof and fully compatible with a wide range of services like Apple HomeKit, Google assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT.

And then there’s the privacy shutter, as soon as you enter the room, the camera literally closes down, so everything you do in the privacy of your own home is for your eyes only. Nothing gets recorded, nothing gets stored on the cloud, zippo, niente, nada. 100% privacy guaranteed.

Finally. Have you got pets who are free to wander around? You can set up the camera in such a way that not all movements activate it.


Somfy TaHoma is the easy to install home automation system that makes controlling your house simple. With TaHoma you can open your blinds, switch off your lights or operate your garage doors all from your smartphone. It’s modern living at its finest.


Discover a new way to control your garage door, gate and lighting. A great and easy way to manage access products in your home! The Connexoon Access RTS allows you to operate your Somfy motorised garage door from your smartphone.
Anytime, anywhere. Intuitive, smart, simple to use! Enhance your well-being and gain peace of mind with the unique, clear and fun functions that will simplify your life!